Our service offering has expanded to include building maintenance solutions.  We pride ourselves in fostering positive relationships with our clients and continuing that relationship with post-construction services. At Dean-Lane Contractors we understand and respect the value of your investment  for mechanical equipment and the importance of keeping it running efficiently.  Our building services program offers a range of installation and repair services that can be tailored to specific needs. 

Benefits of preventative maintenance

Protect Your Investment: The best way to maintain your equipment and the manufacturer warranty is through regular maintenance.  We want to ensure the equipment is running at maximum efficiency, with the goal of extending its lifespan. 

Avoid Surprises: When it comes to heating, cooling and hot water no one likes surprises.  With a comprehensive maintenance program you can avoid problems that usually turn into costly repairs. 

Peace of Mind: Our licensed and qualified technicians are trained in service and want to make sure your equipment is calibrated properly and functioning efficiently.  During the maintenance our technicians can easily perform on-site diagnosis and troubleshooting, if required.   

Services available

·         Plumbing ·         Value Engineering
·         Sheet Metal ·         Design Build
·         Refrigeration ·         Design Assist
·         Maintenance Programs ·         Auto Cadd
·         Backflow Prevention ·         Revit

Please contact us for a complimentary assessment of your facility.